Establishing Business Standards for Growth

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to get your impression on this topic if we were to move forward , stabilize and grow this establishment.

With this much money in treasury I think we can be more organized as a business and do things the right way. I think there is plenty of opportunity to make our money back while also being included in the conversation.

At the moment, anxiety is high and fear is driving sentiment.
Everyone’s situation is very unique, so its not easy to understand how Long this feeling will last. I think the community was very patient for a long time. They gave their trust and it has been damaged. So how can anyone fix this?

I think we can start by establishing proper business standards and we can be at the cutting edge of it.

First we should always stand for moral excellence not just legal, we need to establish and have business documentaion for that.

We need to have high communication standards, with audio and video driving as the primary way. For example, you see how much Charles Hoskison of Cardano does AMA all the time. We could do something way better than that.

We need legal standards to be established, all the laws need to be followed and expressed to the community.

The website needs to be completely redesigned with all the documentation. The presentation of the site needs to be improved dramatically. It can be made way more attractive inviting new investors.
We are visual creatures and what we see creates impressions in our mind. Impressions are where ideas come from. So when you see the website, it has to be the best in the world, not just some site with scary looking creature.

A lot of new people need to be hired for new positions and all their work and payments need to be transparent.

We could set the standard for crypto space as well as financial and business space. Other people should not be able to reach the moral excellence and business standards we set for ourself. They should look up to us, not the other way around.

This document can go on for days, but i hope everyone will be in good spirits in the future and I wish you all the best.

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