Establishing Superstaking Pool

I think wonderland will be more interested, if the project establish a new pool (6,6) which can be called as super staking pool for staking the wrapped sMemo into wsMemo.

For example you can wrap your sMemo to get wsMemo (wsMemo= sMemo / index). And in second step you can stake your wsMemo to Stakingpool (6,6) to get stellar APY. Means you get APY for sMemo and in the same time APY for wsMemo.


Hopefully Daniele is reading this idea!

Not sure about the idea, but I’d recommend editing your post to match the actual terminology (MEMO/wMEMO). People get confused with TIME and MEMO so adding names that don’t exist makes it even worse.

If you meant creating those new tokens, then I’d suggest editing your post to explicitly says so. However, I don’t think creating new tokens would be necessary.

I believe the clearer/detailed the idea, the better people understand and will share their opinion.

Thanks for sharing!

Removing my suggestions as I think they differ enough to warrant it’s own topic.