Everyone should be noticing increased REAL World profits with the Compounded Daily Interest Rate & Stabilized Price Formula (Check your WMEMO/MEMO)


  1. If Price of Time stays around $1k for 6 months, equivalent to a ($1k Stablecoin) or (Ranging Asset $400-$1k), Everyone will reap good profits but not great profits at Compounded daily interest rate of 1.4%.
    WMEMO = $22k to $60k.


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This is why Iā€™d want to keep wonderland going. Compound is compound.

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But you need additional investment in the protocol to maintain a high rate of return. Who will through good money in after bad?

We can invest carefully and have revenue share. There is enough money for investments.

Wonderland Total Staked
3pm 1/27/22 800k
6pm 1/28/22 826,654

Treasury Balance
$693M 3pm 1/27/22
$705M 6pm 1/28/22

Wonderland Total Staked
1/29/22 839,698

Treasury Balance

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