Farm APR dropping

Is there a way to stop the farm apr dropping, in the last month it has gone from 30% to now at 18%, a 40% drop in apr. I like this community but the apr has to be better.

APR is dropping mainly because the wMEMO price is increasing :sweat_smile: the BSGG price has also dropped so that doesn’t help.

Stopping it from dropping would mean the assets being farmed are increasing in price, the wMEMO price is dropping or more assets are being distributed.

There are plans to add additional tokens soon. Working on deploying on some farm.

I get it but the price is similar to early July and the apr was around 28%

Sure, there’s more wMEMO staked and the BSGG price is lower. The amount of BSGG being distributed is a lot higher too.

That being said, definitely gotta work on improving this.

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