Farm Balance at 0. Please help

I staked my wMEMO on the 21st of December. The farm balance now says zero. It appears the last transaction in snowtrace is to Wonderland. My wallet ID is 0xdc9c8c18DAed74f80cE43636318d827a76B4a6f4

If you didnt unstake and send your wMEMO to another wallet right after, it looks like your wallet is compromised.

This means you can’t use this wallet anymore. Sorry for your loss :confused:

You can see the transactions on snoetrace right after you stake:

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Looks like you might be correct my concern is the address it went to. Looks to be the same address that I “approved” that day which I assumed was me connecting to my wallet so I could stake. That address is Wonderland so seems odd.

On the surface level, it does, but its not. If you look at the txn itself, it is sent to:

wMEMO contract is: