[FEEDBACK] Governance Improvement: Forum Structure

The latest rebuilding efforts with the new revenue share farm and the WIP #7 are a good first step to get this show back on the road, but our governance process is still lacking.

Now that WIP #6 is behind us, it’s $TIME to execute.

First step…

The DAO recently gave the authority to the newly appointed Moderation Team to organize the forum. While it is a small step to improve our governance process, it is an important one.

The current forum structure puts all initial topics in one category, (General Discussion) until they are pushed forward (Request for Comment). This structure does not make the difference between legitimate proposals and discussions on topics that won’t be presented to the DAO for a vote.

In January, we had more than 500 new topics created. This makes it hard to keep up for investors who have limited time to get involved in the governance process when there is a high level of engagement

In order to be more streamlined and increase the amount of information available about Wonderland on the forum the following structure is being proposed:


The News & Announcements will be used by the Moderation Team to ensure that announcements made on Discord or any other platform like Twitter, Reddit and/or Medium are also posted on the forum for the community to have access. This will increase the level of consistency at which the information is distributed across platforms and provide a common location for the community to interact.

As you can see from the picture, subcategories will also be available for news regarding projects that Wonderland has invested in like Betswap and Cross the Ages. Future investments may be added to this section.


The Governance category will now englobe topics created to be reviewed by the DAO as well as the official documentation of the governance Framework. WIP and RFC will now be regrouped as subcategories under the new Governance category.

While the current framework makes reference to a [DAO Discussion] to be posted in the General Discussion category, the current structure makes it hard to keep up when there is an lot of topics being created. Therefore, a new DAO Discussion subcategory is being proposed to better align with the current framework and to separate proper proposal from other general topics being discussed by the community.


Through the Looking Glass will be the section to find all the information you need about Wonderland and other basic knowledge helpful to the community. This section will also serve as a portal to provide feedback for changes that someone already has the authority to implement without a new vote from the DAO.

As you can see, Liquid Staking is in this section instead of the news section like the other investments. This is because the liquid staking platform will be considered a Wonderland product. Future products may also be added to this section.


General Discussion will still be a category, but will not focus on topics that do not fit under one of the new categories or for ideas that are not yet ready to be proposed to the DAO.


The support section will serve the same purpose it currently does, which is to offer assistance to members of the community in need. An Unban Request subcategory has been added to separate those from regular support request. A lot of people have been banned from the Discord in the past and plenty were due to previous bot malfunctions or unfortunate timing.

As Discord is currently the main hub of communication, it is important that holders can have access to it. The new features being worked on will help maintain that line of communication.

Final Look:


This sounds good and makes sense to me. Be far easier for those interested to see where things are at in the process and hopefully spur more active engagement without cluttering other areas with posts.


Obviously, go go go…


Looks Great, would be a greatly welcome improvement!


100% needed,
Thanks for the great jobs you guys doin lately !


Love it. You guys should make improvements. Yes to DAOs no to Despots.


Looks good. Hope to give it a whirl



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