[FEEDBACK] Governance Related Communication

Governance Related Communication

Over the last few weeks, the rust has started to come off Wonderland.

The revenue share farm has be deployed, a moderation team has been hired to help distribute information as well as improve community experience, and just a few days ago, @TheSkyHopper has been voted in as Treasury Manager.

Wonderland has come a long way since January and the future is looking bright.

What’s Next ?

Wonderland is now at a crucial moment to forge a path for the future.

While the Treasury Manager deploys our funds to grow the treasury and increase the returns for holders, the DAO needs to lay down the foundation for the future.

The forum is the heart of the DAO. However, proposal are made, but engagement is limited.

As an example, one of the main complaint of the DAO members is that the process is too slow. Recently, a proposal was posted to reduce some of these timeframes and proposed guidelines to build on the current framework. Unfortunately, while it aims to fix one the core issue raised by the community, it received limited engagement.

For more information:
[DAO Discussion] Governance process

Increase Engagement

While the forum is the heart of the DAO, the Discord remains the main source of community engagement.

In the past, proposals that were promoted on the Discord server achieved a reasonable level of engagement. However, it is not reasonable to make an announcement every time a new DAO Discussion is created. While it would not be such an issue when times are slow, it would be too much when forum engagement is higher.

Therefore, a proper way to communicate governance related information is required in order to increase the level of engagement on the forum.

Potential solutions

  1. Regular Announcement
      Use the existing announcement channel to post regular updates on governance issues & proposals.
    • May reach a higher number of community members, but may annoy those who are not interested in governance. May also burden the announcement channel and make it harder for members to look at announcements that are not governance related.
  1. Use the #governance channel
      Use the existing governance channel to post regular updates on governance issues & proposals.
    • May reach a limited number of community members due to low activity in that channel, but could be reaching the members who wants to be involved in the governance process. May help revive the channel.
  1. Create a Governance Announcement channel
      Create a new announcement channel specific to updates on governance issues & proposals.
    • May reach a higher number of community members. Could be muted by those not interested in governance. Will not clutter the regular announcement channel.
  1. Create a Governance Update role
      Create a new role in Discord to allow moderators to ping those interested.
    • May reach a more limited number of community members, but would be reaching the members who wants to be involved in the governance process. Could be used to ping members and increase activity in the #goverance channel.


In my opinion, creating a governance announcement channel and role would be the ideal scenario.

The role could be used to get quick feedback or ping members interested in governance on more basic updates and information as well as bring some activity to the existing #governance channel. The new announcement channel could be used for more important process like new initiatives, RFCs, WIPs & votes. This would help clean the regular announcement channel by keeping it focused on other types of updates.

That being said, before something is implemented, feedback from the community would be appreciated.

Keep in mind that while this post talks only about Discord as a first line of engagement, updates would also be posted on the other platforms being managed like Reddit, Medium, etc.

  • Use the current announcement channel
  • Use the current #governance channel
  • Create an announcement channel for governance
  • Create a role for members wanted to be involved in governance
  • Other, see comment below
  • No one cares about governance

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Additionally, a new forum structure is also being worked on. This in itself will make the forum more appealing to navigate and hopefully promote more engagement from the community members.


Having a separate channel for governance announcements definitely seems to make sense. That could be used for announcing ‘important’ governance developments, whilst the existing governance channel could be used to facilitate discussion/ideas about the announcements.

A role could be beneficial as well I guess, but I feel somewhat like we should be encouraging people to participate in the governance process as much as we can, as the decisions made impact everyone.


I voted other, because I absolutely hate discord. It is clunky and not user friendly and I know lots of people feel that same way. Therefor I suggest to move everything here. A properly designed forum can do anything disord can but better. I check this forum frequently I participate in the topics when I feel I have something to contribute. I will not get on discord so whatever is going on there I won’t see.


@Hyp3rbole Make sense! Maybe I should have explain my vision for the role better. The way I see it it would be for those that want their hands on every aspect of the governance. They could be pigned as a first line of feedback to have discussions about certain topic before they become “official”. Then once the post goes live here, an announcement is posted in the gov announcement channel.

I think it could be a nice way to create some early engagement in the behind the scene stuff for those that want to/have the time to get involved. While still pushing the official post to the whole community.

@Urubin Honestly, I agree that the forum should be the hub for most things. However, traffic is very limited. A new structure will hopefully help. That being said, I’m seeing this more as a way to leverage the other platforms to bring traffic here. After a while, hopefully the forum would “live off” on it’s own and the communications on the other platform would simply be to distribute it more than asking for engagement.

I simply used Discord in the post because it is currently our most active platform and the one where we can more easily adjust these type of things.

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This forum has 10867 users. I used to run forums with over 200k members.

How is traffic so limited here it can’t handle that? Is it on shared hosting? Moving to a small VPS would set you up to easily handle 50k members and more, a dedicated server would handle 200k and more without breaking a sweat.

I have a VPS sitting collecting dust as I have not started using it. If traffic is an issue you are welcome to it :blush: Well worth donating if it ditches discord :joy:

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Ah, my bad, I didn’t mean that the forum can’t handle more traffic. Rather that it doesn’t have it haha.

Our Discord has above 60k members, our Twitter has 164k followers, the unofficial reddit used to be 25k users. So the forum is lacking, hence the leveraging of Discord activity to bring more traffic to the forum.

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Ah, that I understand :joy:

That is an issue I encounter every time I start up something even remotely smelling like a community. What worked well for me is to use the platforms(Discord, Facebook, Twitter, etc…) as an add platform.

For example: Make an entire post on the forum and then drop two lines and a link to it on the platforms. Do that consistant and numbers will go up on the forum and if the forum is active enough they will stick so over time(Weeks to months depending on how much you publish on the forum) it will grow to a decent size.


The “Create an announcement channel for governance” is the perfect one.

I just wouldn’t post every proposal opened here. The ideal world is where we see once or twice per week update with summary of each proposal - and the link to each one, of course.

And a image that explain our governance processes may be interesting too. Like the image made to explain how wMemo works. This could be a pinned message on this new channel.

Good topic ma fren @NalX. Really glad you’re looking for this issue!

Love y’all


I like the idea of the governance announcements channel. It’ll keep things organized.

Your approach to this topic is gold. Keep up the good work @NalX .


The ideal for me it would be to create a new self-assigned role for people who wants to get notified about governance matters and create a new channel for announcements which everybody could see but only the role getting notified with new posts (tagging the role). :v:t2:


100 % agree with you @NalX , announcement channel plus role would be perfect ! The specific channel is the obvious choice, reaching a lot of people without cluttering the main one. Thx for the good work guys !


Because of the size of the WL community I think we need to think about our comms and announcements in a more ‘for the masses’ way.

Our current text heavy approach inevitably hits a TL:DR barrier for 75% of people.

If we were to move to a video format (even a static logo with a v/o) I think we’d see a huge uptick in engagement.

I also think we’d be the first to do it - but other projects would quickly follow. Audio / Video is just how people consume info now (unless you’re a Lawyer and are used to reading long form docs:)

I think the A/V announcements should appear on all channels. That will be good for PR as well as they’re easy to share.


Hmmm, interesting idea. Would obviously require a bit more work, but I can see value in it.

I wonder if we could something similar to who Medium does it. The voice over tech is pretty good from what I’ve seen.

What do you mean by channels ? Discord channels ? Or like Discord, forum, Reddit, Medium, etc ?

heawtsmonkee heawt

I prowposeeee GuWurnence! Pwease usee #GuWurnence channel uwu


I’m leaning toward New Channel and New Role. Many of the reasons I’d mention have already been stated above. We need to take advantage of as many avenues of communication as we can get. There are many channels we would prefer to have the highest participation, like this forum, but this simply isn’t the world we currently live in.

Discord isn’t a governance platform, I don’t think it should be viewed as such. It’s our town square, the place we go to shoot the shit, listen to crazy folks shout conspiracies, and discuss hugely varying topics in a fast paced environment. I strongly agree we need to use as many initiatives as we can to try and direct as many folks to the forum as possible, for governance related agendas. They are different tools though, the forum and the discord, with different uses, both equally valuable in their respective ways. Leveraging the discord to send folks downstream to the forum is vital, but talk about one having more importance or trying to focus mostly on a single platform makes me uncomfortable.

I feel the roles will be useful to help those who are just starting to get involved with the forum to remember that it’s there. I personally forget all the time and I would t consider myself a newb, I personally could see benefit for the occasional reminder that there’s other discussions happening over here that make a big impact on the protocol.

The announcement channel is especially useful for those who, for whatever reason, don’t want to be too involved in governance at all. Even if it annoys us when they complain after not being involved, these are folks we must deal with no matter what. That extra step of having a place for them to check periodically for updates, a channel mods can # them to when the moment arises, wouldn’t hurt.


Thanks for bringing that up.

It’s definitly not the intention to focus on only one. That’s part of our current issue with information. If your not in the Discord, your missing out.

The forum can’t replace Discord and Discord cant replace the forum, but they can both be a main source of information. That’s more what I meant by increasing the engagement/focus on the forum.

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Love the Governance Announcement Channel idea. Will create a downstream impact to have more and more frogs involved in governance. Nice work!

As long as it’s visible and consistently updated, I like most of the options.

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Let’s get it done the channel makes sense and can be enhanced if needed.

Governance is super important for sure but as long as there is transparancy and trust, a solidly-structured system may slow down actions of the DAO. Twitter announcements and often AMA is enough to ensure the direction of the DAO. There’s been too many announcements on small governance procedures and less actions for too long. Common.

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