Fork TIME for those who want to continue with New DOA (if TIME is unwound)

Guys - I’ve got an interesting idea… if they choose to wind down TIME/Wonderland…could we form a new DOA (governed by us all who want to continue) fork the original time code and tell those who received their portion of the treasury that they can join us by putting their funds in our treasury and keep it going? I’ve got a legal background so I’m more than happy to provide my services and make sure everything is above the board. We can vet people for the Management team and the right people in the right positions. I won’t charge for my services, just want more TIME :slight_smile:

Who’s with me? (if they choose to unwind TIME)


I do like this idea however the ecosystem Dani was building for TIME is not easy to just copy and would require considerable funding

Yah… but nothing worth building is ever easy… Ask Dani :slight_smile:

Let’s focus on this lily pad time the eco system is not the problem.

I really think it’s manageable if they can get serious . They need to really Get there heads clear of all that low negative glass half empty mindset …

Get up and do what’s right . Finish what they started and strive to do so like all equal and created men should .

That’s what they should do in my opinion .

Their actions will say everything in time .

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Seems like they’re winding it down despite what people voted no (have you seen Dani’s tweet on this?). Does that say anything about who they are and the respect they have for their supporters? I could be wrong but I think there’s something else going on and that’s why there’s a haste to shut this down - despite the community vote to keep it going.

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i think your right … why did sifu have a vote to stay in place a month or so ago … i think they knew it was exposed then , or leaked out … not its public and they both ghost and slowly back track over every promise and statement …literally ignore the voting they set up and still apologetic all the way down and out …it seems more like this was all fine untill sifu came up as bad dude. its likely he is the real puppet master and dani is just the salesman for it . that makes more since than the story currently being plated out … i just feel like they are making scared moved towards the exit and not a real explanation for all the highlighted stuff around the dude … …in my opinion Omar is the snake and puppet Master and Dani is likely very well aware of it

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