*** Forming Coalition to REBUILD let's consolidate and join forces

I’ve presented a case in my prior proposal to rebuild and rebrand. If you feel you are of the same mindset, then let’s talk and join forces to oppose this unilateral forced vote decision by insiders of Dani and Sifu.

Please add me on discord: mikebcity#0308

Proposal: **** PROPOSAL**** RELAUNCH, REBRAND - Daily PAYOUTS in BTC! Let me show you how - Please read! - #31 by mikebcity

Liquidating at this stage makes no sense and I can tell you, there’s no way they will be able to support the backing price at the time of the master refund.

Today we may be down but NOT out! We have the community, the funds, and the will to govern ourselves to a new beginning!



Absolutely vote Yes for rebuilding!

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