Foundational wonderland dao organization-level review

A dozen+ of the current requests, ideas and proposals spread across a multitude of channels are targeting well-intended yet highly isolated organization-level changes.
Furthermore, all said proposals are aiming at such topics with both a siloed view AND a handicapped knowledge of the organization (verticals, areas, staff, needs, functions, goals, metrics) of the DAO.

The purpose of this preliminary review is to debrief, capture, inventory and document the current internal AND external (subcontractors, affiliates, subsidiaries) structure of the Wonderland DAO with the primary goal of informing and ENABLING the DAO members.

Whereas this proposal is very limited in scope, it will immediately result in ALL the Wonderland DAO members having access to and/or being enabled by FOUNDATIONAL level knowledge.
Said knowledge will further enable members to individually/collectively assess and/or edify on top of said knowledge.

-Interview Daniele Sesta
-Interview SIfu
-Interview department/area heads
-Interview all other DAO members
-Interview community mods
-Pool/poll questions from DAO users

-Unredacted Interviews (internal staff only)
-Redacted Interviews (public)
-Organizational chart (public)
-FAQ (public)
-WIKI (public)

Thank you in advance for your support of this simple proposal. Once completed, it will enable us ALL to assess and propose improvements and/or changes in a highly cohesive manner.



Wonderland HOLDER


In this forum there is missing dependency between voting power & wMemo amount on member wallet. I found it as fundamental. We are missing that link member - wMemo amount - voting power here. Anyone can create account here and discuss even if does not own any wMemo. So it looks like Dani & co. just cover here some of their actions with topics from forum members that then are bleesed to go from discussion to RFC & final execution. Like burning wMemo idea is on that way. This is no DAO governance here. So we are missing this basic feature therefore we have no real power but holders of the multisig treasury only can. Or am I wrong? Please correct me (I would appreciate it one can not imagine how much).

What you are saying is correct as far as I’m aware. Unfortunately I’m not super fond of the wMemo = voting power thing either. I wish we could finder better mechanisms for voting and governance.

The issue is there is no engagement. People are in it for the money, not for the “politics” so they put their faith in the team. I can assure you the person that did the wMEMO burn proposal is not a team member. Dani tweeted it out because it aligns with what he wanted to do.

I’m not sure what showing people’s voting power on the forum would change. Just cause someone has 100 wMEMO, doesn’t mean their proposal will get more traction. People also don’t look at what is on the forum so they end up duplicating topics and spreading the engagement. People also need to submit the RFC, but they probably don’t even know that.

There is no spooned structure for people to follow, so it makes it hard for hundreds of thousands of people to organize and get things done.

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