Founder of $TIME Wonderland Explains Insane APY & How It

Just remember the good times. Do you want to destroy the Apy and rebases because frustrated dicks who leveraged now they want to rug pull us with Professor dodgy proposals.
Is a trap, I see Bastion trading proposals as more appropriate.
Scrapping Time No because we have gained traction and listings.
Please remember why we get into this and stop hijack the initial purpose and vision of the project.
With Professor you’ll get pennies.
With Wonderland 2.You will be on the bottom of Crypto world deslisted from all major exchanges. Fucking great.
Don’t you see the point that all these proposals are meant to destroy us and our initial vision that we shared?
Yes improving the team get more collaborations.
Serious audits.
Burning mechanisms to reduce the supply and keep the Apy.
Locking up periods.
No rage option we don’t pay compensation for gambling losses.
Who wants out can sell and we burn those tokens to avoid sudden crush of the price.
No more minting, no leverage no buy backs
This would resolve things quicker than anything.

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i agree with this, i see no other gambling business refunding losers

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Fact guys you need to see the trap here Whales lost the vote now all of sudden proposals are pushed like Wonderland 2 and Professor that come out of nowhere and basically what they hide is that they work on favour of the whales.
Unwind the treasury aha at backed price for memo who will benefit from it? The biggest bags of early one’s.
Create a new currency aha why? To delist Time from and Hotbit where is got traction and volume to became a reality shite shady thingy without any possibility of exit or selling because the coins you’ll be given wouldn’t be listed anywhere so what you’ll sell?
A stable coins aha… This mean long term staking and getting pennies we’re here for the Apy and our promised bags of Time after a year or so.
And the Professor shite is clearly for whales. Don’t get foolished.
OK 20% from all treasury profit OK? At the moment is 30 million per month roughly OK do some basic math and what you’ll get is 12 dollars a month if you split this to all 500k holders. According with how much memo you got well see how much you get monthly. Pennies.
So no at least consider to not vote any of these proposals.
Maybe Bastion trade but only if they don’t take over the treasury.
Danielle is still the head of the Treasury.
We need to improve the Management I totally agree.
Castle trading yes speaks about burning Time and Wmemo I agree.
I agree to keep the Apy running as much as possible and replace it with something more sustainable when we get the right team and we grow more until then just introduce these
1 Negotiations with Castle Trading or Troy Trading make a team of professional traders with strong background in Crypto doxed etc.
2.Audit from a well known company that audit well known projects in crypto to gain confirmation and trust on the market
3.Burning rates to keep the supply down to be able to keep the Apy longer. Once the price grows we can gradually reduce the Apy
4.Create more listings for Time, after Wonderland is audited by the number of community and token holders we can get to Binance.
Improve the security on the platform to be able to link a yiubico key before connecting my wallet to ensure a safe environment. People been hacked before including I.
5. No backing price let the market course to decide naturally. Putting a backing price was a mistake that’s why we been attacked and booted. Dumped on the market to dump us all and shattered all the structure of Wonderland.
No rage solution, no compensation for one’s that got liquidated who wants out can sell.
No leverage no more minting Stop buying back.
Lock up staking minimum 1 year Apy guaranteed.
We will get back stronger please support the real community proposals that come from our needs as community.

I also agree… I feel bad for those who leveraged. Doesnt mean my bank account has to feel sorry, too.

Sure I was hacked first time and basically I will always argue that assets were taken from the platform because I couldn’t link my yubico key I wouldn’t argue with what was taking from my wallet but from the platform I always will.
Now doesn’t matter anymore.
What matters is going forward.
We can’t scrap the Apy and rebase is our reward for being early adopters.
What goes down it comes up. They know that you don’t know it. Don’t get fooled. They’re promised that Apy for 400 days or so.
Whatever the price tank is from trading those coins is what will make us real money at the end of this trip.
Now they want to scrap Time please let’s fight to impede this as Time got nice listings and Gate io pays more for Time than Sushi if you didn’t knew. They know that you don’t so now you know…
Let’s share this proposal and let’s getting traction. Please share and comment.
Thank you

I agree, i have also had my concerns with the apy. We cant just get rid of it it has to be a controlled reduction incentive.

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This is my proposal, go check and vote for it. It doesnt remove apy immediately and it only reduces apy as the price of memo goes up.

I agree :+1::100: and I’m very happy finding people that speaks the same language.
Let’s unite and let’s spread the idea’s that makes some fucking sense.


Yes agree please spread my proposal suggestion get the word out, get votes on it and impressions so we can get it to snapshot.

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