Frog Nation 🐸 Education 🎓 to prevent liquidation

Hi All,
After the most recent Liquidation Event and getting into the mezmemrising world of wonderland recently I realised there was too much ground to cover in too many places to piece together the puzle.
I was missing a central place to gain a basic understanding around the Frog Nation & Wonderland.

I have put together a proposal for an education and “levelling” system for our frogs. I’m not used to using Discord, Twitter, Snap Chat, Tik Tok, etc. and heavily relied on outdated Youtube vidoes, reading documentation to do my own research.

  1. Visiting the Wonderland website there was no FAQs
  2. Reading the DOCs didn’t explain the different changes announced.
  3. There were no guides on how to do things or what things meant as they had chanfged from the content I was reviewing. The crypto space is fast paced and so is Wonderlands progression. :slight_smile:
  4. Vision Road map going there currently here. (appreciate this is somewhat under wraps )

So I ended up having to read discord threads, Twitter threads, start following different people to piece together the puzzle. However most people just want to plug & play!

Please find attached my rough draft on what I was missing and my proposal.
The threads suggesting mini incentves with wallet boosters from progressing with educational content, are also great ideas that could be incorporated into my proposal!

Let me know your thoughts.


So I agree with the idea.

New docs are apparently in the final stages for approval. So I guess once we get those it may remove some of the stuff on your list. Might be better to revisit at that point ?

Pretty cool. I’d definitely try to level up.

Do you know if GitBook, the documentation for wonderland, and mostly all other projects allows for contributions?

Frogs can make the infographics or add sections about leverage risks, then do a pull request, and upon approval, the owner of the doc could publish.

There are many propsals coming up recently that revolves around Public Relations, so better communication, maybe merginf all them

Thanks for providing feedback and taking the time to read through this!
I appreacite it’s fairly lenghty. Guess I’m passionate about making Wonderland & Frog Nation grow.
Agreed this would need to feed into the overall Wonderland strategy/roadmap to be incorporated.

Exactly merging this to 1 centralised approach or collection of ideas would really help.

Agreed we would need to have these ideas merged to 1 collated approach.

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

I’m not super technical and would have to look into GitBook and different options that would be available to roll this out.
I think the proposed ve(3,3) model Daniele & Andre are working on is trying to achieve something similar, by adding token rewards based on different project contributions.

My idea was enabling, for people to hold like accounts with Wonderland/Frog Nation that could be upgraded based on different actions and contributions. It would provide some sort of education governance model that could be supported.
At the same time we would get some sort of demographic overview on where the biggest proportion of the Frog Nation is.

Infograpghics / leverge
Yeah I thought about infographics, Frog NFTs, and leverage risks.
Frog Nation needs more financial education otherwise the reputational damage resulted in people looking for scapegoats other than taking responsibility for their own actions could harm growth.
There could be different concepts around the borrowing or leveraging, I believe this might grant its own whoe topic of discussion.

If you have any links for me to look into please could you reply and i’ll start digesting these. :slight_smile:

Thank you.
Are there any contacts I need to reach out to, that you are aware of?

Im voluntary keeping an eye on it and talking to each of the proponents, this kind of topic doesnt get any traction and now are subject to get closed (yours is already flagged for closing), so maybe ill merge them myself and get back to each author before posting

Really appreciate your help, I guess this is now considered to be resolved or captured under: [RFC] Marketing strategies, Branding, Social Media

I’m new to discord, forums and twitter.


That RFC has been judge as too broad so we cant really depend on it.

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That’s great thanks, really good to know.
Marketing doesn’t help people navigate their way through wonderland.

I think my gamification idea for Wonderand token holders and a levelling structure could get new commers engaged and educate at the same time. Whilst existing holders can get more invested, see better rewards, get further education and support the frog nation in doing so.


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