Frog Nation NFT Supported by Wonderland

I propose an NFT that represents The Frog Nation supported by wonderland. Referring to Daniele’s recent podcast where he mentions that we are not limited and it is possible to develop more products with the aim of seeking liquidity in the protocol, the idea would be to create a series of representative NFTS where Wonderland holders are rewarded for the time that the community propose and they secure their positions in the whitelist.

After its launch, the NFT will have financial profits proposed by the community.

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NFTs for Wonderland/the Frog Nation could be big.

However, we need the talent to get them done. A lot of people are talking about it, but without someone to do it or a plan of what we really want to do, nothing goes forward.

I’m a fan of the Decentraliens NFT about to launch in January on Solana.
We do something similar and have series around the ecosystem.

  • Wonderland/Time theme.
  • Abracadabra/Spell theme.
  • Popsicle/Ice theme.
  • Sushi theme? SoonTM
    Put some rare cross-protocol in each.

They could also serve some purpose like Rome DAO if we wanted, although this could be secondary.
Upgrade our NFTs when reaching certain milestones ? Frame of a certain color if you’ve staked for X amount of time, things like this ?

I really thing this has massive potential, next BAYC potential. but we need this to get done right.

A minimum% of the treasure can be allocated to hire a team to develop the project seeking the highest profitability for the community

Of course, but we are a long way from having this into a proposal.

I mean, cool, but what is Frog Nation DAO ?

TL&DR (Though you may want to do the reading…)



Though, not to be a degen or anything… but lets keep this between us Frogs and our Tadpoles for a few. Shall we?