Frog Nation University

A higher learning project to understand the complete picture of what, why and how of all projects in the nation. To help understand the basics of crypto, blockchains, APY, leveraging etc. Possible financial learning on investing, It is one thing to make a million, it is another to keep it. They are creating projects to benefit our lives why not show the same respect back by learning all we can to help solidify the foundation


So what are you suggesting ? That the teams build a Frog Nation 101 platform or that the community does ?

I do like the idea, I just feel like this needs more details. Similar to a project like the [invisible college] ( is doing with Decentraliens for everyone to learn about Web3, but focused on this ecosystem.

Don’t really need the whole NFT thing, but a community/location to learn about everything Frog Nation and people sharing strategies/tips maybe ?

I would go bigger then just a 101 platform, so many will not read it because they just want the outcome and not how to get to the outcome, I would make interactive, force people to learn the Nation but in a fun way. Rewards prizes, nfts, game pieces, MIMs, titles or what ever else etc. if they finish the lesson or class or all. reward them. the more people in the Nation with a professor sized brain the less negativity, the better PR and it shows the creators we do care and we are here and we are learning just not sitting around waiting for the prize. We are in the beginning stages and there is a ton of info already imagine when they have 14 projects

You could even buy land in the metaverse, create a frog nation university, city town have people join,

I like this idea but agree that it needs to be fleshed out a bit more. For example, I think fellow frogs could use some advice on how to leverage (9,9) responsibly through Abracadabra. We could crowd source calculators (I made one myself), YouTube explainers, and propose strategies where frogs could theoretically pay themselves an income through leveraging while having a safe liquidation price. I would love to help out with this section.

I like the idea but I think we should do some research and possibly piolet the idea in a discord channel maybe even the voice chat to see how much legitimate interest there is in learning over apeing I think it would go well but treasury finds are better served farming untill we have a full plan fleshed out