Frog Tier system in case treasury will be dissolved and paid back

In case we get refunded from the treasury and the project is dissolved, I propose a tier system for wMEMO holders. I hope I can get feedback on this approach. The aim is to reward those who held the longest and lost the most with the highest possible payout, while not neglecting the small frogs and make sure everybody gets reimbursed. Protocol owned wMEMO shall be burned.

Tier I (Highest price):

Long term holders who held from the beginning and are still holding on to wMEMO, no sells of wMEMO.

Tier II:

Long term holders but sold in between or at the end.

Tier III:

Short term holders who are still holding on to their wMEMO, no sells of wMEMO.

Tier IV:

Short term holders who are still holding but sold in between or at the end.

Tier V:

Liquidations that happened below Sifu’s and Daniele’s liquidation.


The idea is to compensate long term holders with a higher price, they have helped hold up the entire project and thus should be rewarded with a wMEMO price near all time high.

For example:

Tier I (100%):

Frog A held 1 wMEMO from October until now. He should get a wMEMO price close to the ATH or maybe 100k area.

Tier II (80%):

Frog B held 1 wMEMO from November but sold in January. He should get a wMEMO price of around 80% of ATH or close to the 100k area.

Tier III (50%)

Tier IV (25%)

Tier V (should be compensated by Sifu’s and Daniele’s private funds and not from the treasury.


This is exactly what I’ve eluded to in my reply to the vote regarding winding down the entire treasury or not and I agree.
Those who have held from early on and only added to their positions should be allowed ‘out’ at the best price. Those who got liquidated, sold on the way down, and/or intentionally dumped the price in order to buy more during the fear at the bottom should be allowed out at a worse price.

The people who are the most down are those who bought early, staked, and HODL’ed. Those should be rewarded for that.

I disagree with Tier V though; we are in no position to force Dani and Sifu to use their money, though I do hope that one or both of they may do the right thing.

Of course, this all depends on what the treasury can afford and would need to be made clear BEFORE the vote starts.

If you sold, you are out.

If you have wMEMO, you exchange it for whatever the price is.

Anything else invites legal challenges. Dani will know this, his team will know this. They won’t do anything else but split the treasury according to who currently holds wMEMO.

If you want something else, ask for it from Sifu/Dani’s personal wealth.

Almost certainly Wonderland is going to continue tomorrow anyway. FUD people already sold out or got liquidated. They have no more part to play in the Wonderland story.

Sorry if you got liquidated. We all lost out on this investment (so far).

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I’ve owned through hotbit since October due to wallet issues. But only moved.over a couple of weeks ago. Anyone know how thats going to work when I’m 80- 90% down or should I be cast off with the recent buyers?

I like this a lot. It rewards the ones who really believed.


I believed… the apy had to change to be sustainable but big pots of money in the right hands make huge pots of money.

Edit*** Still holding, not sure it’s belief or stupidity.

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You only get paid if you still hold. Anything else is unacceptable. If you sold it was your acknowledgement of the loss. If you got liquidated, that is the risk of leveraging and you knew that. You cant cut and run and expect to get anything other than what you ran away with. If you leveraged, you knew liquidation was possible.


if you sold you aint getting anything back lol

So much non sense and poor understanding of market and blockchains :sweat_smile: you bought the top and sold the bottom? Forget about it and cope with the loss.
Whoever holds WMEMO receive their stake, as simple as that


To clarify, with sold, I meant you decreased your holdings but still have wMEMO/TIME/MEMO left. If you completely sold, you are out. The distinguishing factor here is “days holding wMEMO/TIME/MEMO”.

It won’t happen. People will never agree over the formula.

Most of the votes go to huge holders who will want to have pay outs on wMEMO held at the time of the pay out.

Someone calculated that bringing in all of the assets makes for a pay out of 55k per wMEMO.

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