Generate trust in crypto newcomers and average joes

We have the opportunity to step up the game of defi making it accessible to a wider public, including people who are scared by trading, informatics and only trust old style financial institutions and products. This project can become more appealing creating links with real world institutions in any field:

  • art (why not promoting a contest for students of the most important schools, the winners
    lounch their own NFT collection, powered by Wonderland)
  • research ( I already made a proposal about it entitled “Scholarships”)
  • sport events
    So that when asked “What’s this?” the answer is not something like “a bounch of nerds doing bitcoin scams” but “oh yeah I’ve seen that logo next to Morgan Stanley’s, let’s see if I can make money with it”. This has to be followed by an infrastructure that backs this trust which could be topic of another post.