Get our house in order before voting on massive changes

I believe Wonderland needs to get its house in order before we start making massive changes. I see a lot of threads where loads of people have great ideas. But if you we do not have a solid foundation, I fear they may do more harm than good. We need to setup the basics to ensure we can grow.

Bailing out people who got liquidated is just stupid, I know a lot of people are hurting but this type of thinking I believe will doom wonderland. I believe if we go down this path, we will bail out mostly vulture capitalists as they probably will hold the most if this news comes out.

Quick Wins:

Clear communication, this can simply be done by a weekly/ Bi weekly newsletter or post on the forum.

Short term:

  • We need to appoint someone to treasury.

  • We need to fix the voting issue at the moment where the few have more power than the majority. ( I believe this has to be a critical change and highest priority)

Medium term:

  • Clear documentation is required going forward to. I put this as medium term because documents are what we call living documents (always changing) and take a lot of work to keep up to date.

  • We need to just get rid of leveraging all together. We need to peg WMEMO and or TIME (MEMO) to the price to bitcoin or another Crypto for example: just like other currencies do for example the peg to the dollar. They are only focusing on WMEMO but WMEMO is tied to MEMO which is time. So, when they let TIME drop, it had a cascading effect on MEMO which was passed on to WMEMO. Personally, I believe we either have one or the other. I don’t understand why they created WMEMO while having TIME and MEMO but that’s a discussion for another day.

  • I think we need to remove the backing price overtime and have a market price. This will add more protection from “Wales”.

Long Term:

  • We need a full forensic audit for transparency (yearly).

  • Appoint new management with oversight and accountability are needed. Everyone who is in a position of power needs to know to the public and safeguards put in place. I am sure there are lost more to add to this list, these are just examples. Please feel free to add. I am happy to help out in my free time with documentation or setting up processes if needed.

  • Continuous development of the online site. I think the developers are doing a fantastic job and should be allowed to continuously improve with changing technology and best practices.

So, I agree. However, I would argue some of the items on the list are “massive change”.

Could you maybe specify things that should not be done right away compared to the list of items you provided ?

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Updated based on your great feedback, thank you for that. I will try add more tomorrow as I have been working for 13 hours straight.

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