Get rid of farm and maximize v3 pool

What do you all think of getting rid of the farming aspect of wmemo?

I think It should be replaced with more buybacks while building a strategic setup of wmemo and stables in the v3 pools. Investors actually get the short end of the stick with rewards being distributed as a stablecoin. I can’t fully back up this claim, but it seems wasteful, especially now with v3 pools. The treasury can incrementally change the v3 pools with much more control than when buybacks were being done in the v2 pools.

I don’t see the point of the farm besides marketing purposes at this point. In contrast, I think no farm and a greater increasing price overtime is even more enticing.

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Trying the big brain strats I see :nerd_face:

While it does/could serve a marketing purpose, I would say price appreciation being more enticing is subjective depending on what someone is looking for.

Another thing is that the price is always going to be volatile. A big crash in price could easily take out any of the “#RealYield” made on the farm.

I feel like a “small” amount of yield provides a certain balance, but I could see why someone would want to keep it all in.

Potentially, similar arguments could be made for redemptions :thinking:

I think the “real yield” would then be people voluntarily selling into a well managed pool that would of increased in price.

Removing the farm would be great to stop rugging memo holders who staked n chilled as instructed originally. Use farm money to buy backs which benefits all holders.

I personally dont like the idea of getting rid of the farm. I think it is a great asset to the protocol that will serve us well over time. no pun intended.

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