Governance of Wonderland - 2022 and Beyond

In the light of the events in the last few weeks and the last 24 hrs in partticular, I am more than inclined to reach out to all the frogs of this wonderland. Get a consensus on the way forward so that we can set some policies that are fair and square.

  1. Keep the ABRACADABRA merger on hold
  2. Keep the rebase model as it is…rebase at 50-70k APY + Minting when market price is above the backing price
  3. Either remove TIME liquidity pool or remove wMEMO liquidity pool…too many markets reduce depth of liquidity…put all LP into one market…I’d prefer TIME liquidity pool
  4. NO BUYBACKS…unless it goes below $1…buybacks are not effective in anyway…it’s just a sentimental value
  5. Dani or someone from the core team should communicate more…atleast 2-3 times a day till this FUD is over. Appoint a communication PoC.
  6. Clearly display treasury, it’s contents, investments made, RoI that is currently generated, etc, etc. Basically audit of treasury past action, and future roadmap
  7. Clear the air on the airdrop…commit a firm date…
  8. weekly progress report on the ongoing project investments, proposed investments…
  9. Introduce REVERSE MINTING - where the minter gets a propotional piece of treasury in exchange for TIME/wMEMO. This should beneit the minter and the treasury.

Request you to think and then act.


FREEZE all trading activities and audit everything related to sifu. Elect a new democratically elected fund manager(s) ASAP - see my message below. Preserve treasury USD value at all costs to ensure there is a future.

I doubt that the devs didnt know about Sifu’s past. Why would he be anonymous this entire time unless they were hiding something from the get-go? With that said: I volunteer to represent our shared cause and find the lack of due diligence and accountability to be frankly sickening. I have no clue what the next days will be like, but I am self-nominating to replace sifu with myself and three other treasury managers across the world. If I am elected, my first act will be to place a $200k bounty on any information that proves The ex-convict did commit illegal acts and any information that leads to their arrest and conviction in a court of law in the United States. Here is my information, my fellow frog friends know my principles can speak to it. I am currently an executive in clean energy tech, consultant to private equity (wall street), and was in the running for the BofA investor call. I have personally advised 25B USD in funds and my clients have invested over $125 million at a single time into my recommendations. Also, I am leading a pivot into energy monetization through POW chain don’t need much from a treasury manager, but we need clear, honest, and reliable management. Additionally, I have been a victim of fraud and have experienced the hollow feeling it causes. If you are hurting and in pain because of your suspicions given recent news please know you are not alone and that you are more than this. We are limitless, it is time to get this train back on the tracks. We can recover with proper management and governance.

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