Governance vision

Hello dear frogs,

The world has changed more in the last 2 years than in the afore 40. Business is transitioning from authoritarian governance to DAOs. The only thing that will guarantee the prosperity of our community is to be in total harmony with the purpose of this beautiful nation : To flourish and Prosper. For this we have to be pragmatic by using what works and gives results. We have to give the yo-heave ( get rid of) to stupid ideas and FUD. Think of your life in 50 years , you want to be a fucking failure or someone that revolutionized the whole financial system and a fucking goat. You want to be the “Rich Uncle” , the " grandpa " who started the fortune in your family?. Then let’s support the guys who are gonna lead us there , Dani and Sifu and all the current dev team. Likewise as we go further in this adventure i’m pretty sure that there is something to do for everyone AKA " Marketing , world of mouth" and bring to the community our own unique skills. If within our community there is the rise of very able investors then by Meritocracy we will know them and so they’ll bring their skill to the table as well be rewarded. A meritocracy pragmatic system is what we shall use.Let’s keep supporting Dani, Sifu and the devs they are doing a great job.We are a nation , a very strong one. Rome , the Grecs went down because of the fud , treason and corruption. Let’s avoid that and be a fucking example to the world. For this we have to support ideas that guarantee results instead of trying to be right or look smart. We want to get ridiculously rich not just right. So Let’s build generational wealth for our families and succeed BIG by the means of Meritocracy.

Truly yours,


So to summarize your vision of the Wonderland DAO governance :

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