Hacked by Twitter account named @danielesesta

Guys i just got hacked by a guy named @danielesesta on twitter that comment all the comments on the real danielle and hacks you.

i doing this for two reasons

1.- to prevent any other frog to be hacked.

2.- to touch your heart and ask for your help.

i will put the sreenshots, please don’t do the same than me


This is the TX: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

and this is the hacker address: Address 0x3657e8adc5d5c52996f3d178dfadb91d5d3272eb | Etherscan

Finally i left my address: Address 0x3771eef3e76329ac4c17962a158a895545795c0d | Etherscan

If anyone want to help me in anyways i would ne happy to talk to you

Dont know if anyone can help, but the name of the account is “Danieleessee” it is barely close to the real one.

Sorry to hear that.

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