Having trouble to connect to the App!

hi,i try since 40mn to connect with wonderland app to check my account and i can’t!! what i can do,my internet connection work great!! it is a maintenance or what?

Update:work for me now!!!

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Snowchain website is currently down

Wow shit after shit!!lol
Thank you for your answer!!

Still not connecting Snow trace is up and running

Same. https://api.zapper.fi/v1/xxxxxxxx returns 401. Wallet has nothing to do with it. Total staked, current api are not loading - they should even without wallet connected.

Guys, Open the freaking app

We would if we could .

its 401 - and thats wonderland trying to authorize.

When I enter the app I get 401 on Avalanche network. Switched between eth and fantom and it works - well , at least pulls the data and http code is 200 on all requests

Same, forever loading

back in the game! Although not sure for how long. 31 is approaching fast

Do you mean the App is back up or price is going up?

App is up as well as price action :wink: