Help understand new WMEMO apy

Hello, having trouble understanding the new wmemo apy… according to the new calculator posted on the website, in order to reach the value/wealth stated in 365 days, wmemo would have to be priced at $42,880,875. Not seeing how this is possible. The apy made more sense to me with staking $time and gaining more memo from rebasing. Can anyone elaborate??

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Great reply to a first time poster! Are you here to spread FUD?

The value of your position isn’t effected by the refocus to wMEMO.

You say the price of wMEMO for that to be so would be unreasonable, but the implications for the growth of the market cap would be the same for just holding MEMO

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Not, here to spread FUD, I have seen several recent discussion on this Forum. That has said that the rebases are essentially nullified and things are shifting to wmemo as its own token. If that is wrong correct me.

I’m a 50k+ diamond hand down over 30k and I’m not selling because I still believe in the long term of the dao but I’ve tried for days to understand from various sources the relevance of time apy post shift to wmemo and I can’t see any. The apy and the time agains don’t affect your wmemo amount or value, and everything is based off wmemo including what you will sell out for so what does time matter? IDK. There is no reason for me to spread FUD because I’m still long term but that as far as I can see if a broken component of the dao and unfortunately it’s why many people came.

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You are technically getting it now and didn’t get it before.

The APY is not and has never been giving your profits/money. It simply kept splitting your money (tokens) up. Now that it’s not splitting tokens (wMEMO) anymore, it shows you the real value of the APY. Which is nothing, because there was never any real value for a project like Wonderland. At least, that’s a simple way to put it.

Fundraising marketing is over. Now we move on to the (real) investing part.

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Rebases were always ”nullified”,
Rebases keep adding more time to memeo, but really we are just splitting a piece of the same pie, only reason for a price increase is because market inefficiency. So wmemo is the pie, instead of buying a pice thats getting split, just but piece directly

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So what is realistic then? I invested just a few hundred bucks by now and I’m thinking about putting in more…

The thing is: even for me it would be more than 200k with this apy calculation. But seriously, what would be realistic after one year holding it? 20% or maybe 30%? Because these numbers sound more like value growth than like 600% or higher. Other projects like Cardano have a max of 20% per year which sounds more reasonable.

Would appreciate if someone could elaborate or give a good guessing :slight_smile:

No matter what happens, I will wait anyways for one year!

PS: Will increase of memo stop at one point or will it keep getting more every 8 hours in future?

Sifu said recently 2k per month per wMEMO based on current revenue if we were to share it.
Based on the current price, that"s like 40% ROI. Now take that with a grain of salt. Could be less, could be more. The goal is obviously increasing the revenue from the investments, but we don’t know what % will be shared and how much those will make yet.

All the APY stuff you can forget about it. You don’t actually get more money from it other than if the price of TIME goes up and like we’ve seen. It won’t always go up haha.

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What kind of annoys me is that it seems no matter which project you invest in, the more money you have the more you probably make. With 100 bucks there is not much to gain, invest 10k or more and it looks different.

Wish I wasn’t broke :smiley:

Yup. That’s why I am a fan of increasing rewards for those who stake longer vs those who start now as it could help small stakers vs traders, but not everyone is a fan of this.

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They need that ve(3,3) system in place ASAP for us long term holders. The day trading whales are thr only ones making money off the current system. I know these things are hard to develop and the Wonderland dev team are good intentioned which is why a lot of us are still here, but they need to fix this. Glad they got rid of minting since we have a good treasury but it’s gonna go down with all of these buybacks. Either that or the coin price will plummet.

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