Here's the situation, some of you are aware, some are not

Let me start off by saying that this isn’t FUD and that I think Dani and Sifu are well intentioned and this project has massive potential. That being said, let’s address the problems here.

  1. Forget about time/memo and rebases. Rebases are just a stock split of wmemo. The formula is (time/memo price)x(4.5)x(current index). Try it yourself day in day out and see for yourself. So unless wmemo goes above the price you purchased it at, you’re fucked.

2)Now that we know that memo rebasing is worthless and that you will always have the same amount of wmemo you started with at the super high price you bought it at, let’s move on and focus on a way to reward long term holders the way we THOUGHT the APY rebasing was going to reward us through profit sharing. Sifu made an investment in stable coin farming and we should get some of that as holders through a lock up period. The longer you lock up, the higher the reward. If i wanted to trade shitcoins, I’d do that. I came here as a long term investor. Locking up for higher rewards would not only stabilize the price, it would give us an advantage over speculators and exploiters of the system. The ve(3,3) system looks interesting and I think we need to do that. Those that are against locking up, why? You’re either committed to the project or youre not.

  1. Stick to what you know. What are these fake metaverse card games? It looks retarded. I’m a gamer and I think the trailer looks a lot better than the game. It looks like something that only people interested in crypto would play, so why not just stick to the stuff you know about. I know you wanna do the whole VC thing but VCs have a super high rate of failure. Keep doing what got you successful in the first place.

We are the whim of future developments, many topics here try to discuss rewarding holders etc. But the comunnity prefers to instead of carefully reading the forum and building a solid discussion to a solution, instead prefers to post them isolated, it will never be pushed without unity.

Id say theres no need to rush on this topic bc there are other hurdles ahead, like demanding a better PR, which is urgent. Also because we need the rev share in place to further discuss this, but if ppl dont get on concensus and keep spamming proposals that was already made, we only left hoping the devs implements it.


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