High transaction fees for unstaking early

I’m proposing an idea where Wonderland has transaction fees but decline the longer you hold. Think of it as a Wonderland tax. Short term capital gains are taxed more than long term capital gains. The government uses this to promote longer holding and if you don’t hold over a year they take more from you. I keep seeing proposals of “lock up periods” which I think could be beneficial, but this is another alternative.

The Main Idea

  • diregard the numbers but this would be an example -
  1. Staked for 1 day - Unstake fee - 10% fee
  2. Staked for 10 days - Unstake fee - 5% fee
  3. Staked for 30 days - Unstake fee - 2.5% fee
  4. Staked for 90 days - Unstake fee - no fee

This would still allow for “whales” to stake and unstake in the same day but at a price. It benefits Wonderland treasury, incentivizes longer holding, and allows Wonderland to capture profits while people stake and unstake.

Now obviously these numbers are a little out there and I’m sure would be lowered, but with the right algorithm set in place there could be a coordination with the amount you stake and the amount of time you stake. For instance, the larger amount you stake the larger the fee could possibly be. If it’s a smaller amount, say $1,000, you will only be penalized like .05% if you unstake after 30 days.

Think this could use some work but I consider it a win win. Increase treasury by settings fee’s and incentivize people to stay staked for the long run.



What issue?

Wonderland needs whales, and sidesteppers pay fees.

No for me.

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People staking and unstaking quickly? I understand we need whales but it doenst help with them taking advantage of rebases and selling quickly. Also think it could benefit with an additional revenue source

That is not an issue in my views. Again, sidesteppers pay fees and I have seen multiple calculations that it is more of a gamble than an +ev play.

Sorry I shouldn’t phrase it as an issue more of an opportunity that could incentivize long term holding and generate additional revenue

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Plenty of posts on things like this already. I’d suggest contributing to those. However, I’m assuming those died because the community wasn’t interested enough.

It already comes at a price and rebase trading has been proven to not be profitable. There have been dozens of suggestions to combat this non issue. You can check other posts to see how the conversations went

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Thanks for the reply!

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Honestly yes we need this, especially with the events of today. Though I do think that the fees that you propose are a little higher than I would like. But the idea is something that I am highly supportive of!

Sales tax would work, regardless of time staked.

I’m very much in favor of this concept. It would cut down on the volatility and encourage long term holding, which is one of the keys to the long term health of this project.

They should just ditch borrowing completely, tax sellers and return the tax to the treasury.

Provide NFTs, Airdrops, discount/pre sale on future ideas or projects to long term holders only who don’t sell anything.

This is good. Ive seen projects with vesting period performing during this market dump. For example. THOR nodes has 25% tax if you sell rewards before you ROI. Their price chart look very good.

I think it would be a good thing, if it was worked correctly. BIG HOWEVER, Dani absolutely has stated that there is never going to me any vesting period.

This isn’t exactly a vesting period but more of a tax if you withdraw early

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Yes, agree. Only problem is disagreement and part of the funds leaving the project on the other hand long term investors will stay. The DAO could further use treasury for profits and distrbuting to holders