Hire a New Team Member to Help wSifu

wSifu has been an amazing treasury manager whose decision to hold majority stablecoins has created a decent price floor for wMEMO that can be supported by buybacks.

He has also been a trooper in answering questions daily on discord, taking verbal abuse in the discord, and reacting to volatile markets.

The feedback I hear in the discord that I think is legitimate is that we need the treasury to be able to react quickly to prevent flash crashes and liquidation cascades, and we need better communication.

I propose that wSifu hires someone to support the treasury function in the following ways:

  1. Be a backup on treasury protection when wSifu is asleep
  2. Answering questions in Discord
  3. Creating periodic newsletters of treasury moves and performance
  4. Help formulate our long-term treasury strategy, manage risk, and assess investment opportunities
  5. Negotiate deals with other protocols on behalf of Wonderland

Wonderland is a big project. The team should staff up accordingly.


+1 I totally agree with this. wSifu and Daniele are overwhelmed with 59358325 things happening at the same time.

Fully supporting this idea!

I support the idea to hire an assistant for sifu. Except for point 1. There should be no access in any form to the treasury for the assistant. I think the Team is probably already hiring people.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m happy to revise this. I was assuming though that there would still be multi sig requirements. I wonder how customizable those can be (eg certain types of transactions maybe shouldn’t require multi-sig eg if they are happening on sushiswap and are less than $x).

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Fully agreee. I second the motion to introduce more communication to the proyect

Completely agree. Sifu could have saved himself from getting liquidated had he done this sooner.

I agree and I’ve offered to volunteer. Maybe a discord channel within the Wonderland server where people can offer their services to support wSifu and the Wonderland team?

I agree with the majority of this but I DO NOT believe in assistant should have any access to treasury funds at all. none. but I do believe he needs help with discord fielding questions and such and id be nice to get some weekly newsletters to keep us all up to date.

this aged well. So much for our sifu… shady type of guy

I forgot I wrote this proposal. How embarrassing now.

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