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Hi my names Blake aka bottlecapman.

Let me say something positive before absolutely wreaking theoretical havoc.

Wonderland is not a traditional dao. A traditional dao is a very broad term. Bitcoin is the only true dao. still to this day. What wonderland is is a centralized windmill of finance and economics and I wish I could add banking to the list, with Wonderlands treasury system and stablecoin implementations I should be able to to that but I can’t(insert proposal here). A bank relies on its reserves to bolster its profits. Rebasing contradicts that entirely, currently. Wonderland has it’s hand in so many cookie jars it is ridiculous. From Mim, to TIME, MEMO and Wmemo. Not to mention it’s partnerships and connections to other defi spectacles. It’s unreal and extremely impressive and potentially f’ing beautiful. Thats it. Thats the nice part.

Ragequit would set price action on fire which THE COMMUNITY THE IMMEDIATE ADVANTAGE towards the ability of grabbing more and more of the market share before outsiders and anon whales do, which is what will eventually happen over time in wonderlands current state. If the community holds the advantage… leadership can make it’s play and consolidate ownership of the dao and allow the community/protocol to literally have better price control and buy more time to reestablish a future here. period. If the community solely relies on the treasury to handle the ability to turn a profit, the treasury will crumble under that weight and pressure. That was The Professors reason for suggesting that idea in his proposal.

Sure whales will come and go but they wont be on the up and up as to how closely this community is watching what is going on… hopefully. The rage quit is a good option for the immediate future because it will SEPERATE the ones who are zombies and only care about their own profits and losses as opposed to those who care truly about the long term potential and understand how sturdy the barebones foundation of this project could and should be (the treasury could be drained and every wl token could drop to 0 and this would still be a top 10 project for me personally). Do you all want to build a dao that goes beyond what it currently is now as it exists? If you don’t and you have a lot wonderland tokens YOU ARE THE CANCER IN THE COMMUNITY.

THE MAIN POINT is that wonderland in its current state is stuck in limbo. not because of the drama, but because of the economic/financial attributes and determinants that limit wonderland to relying on some SINGULAR AND CENTRALIZED BODY to invest a ridiculously stupid amount of money in hope they can forever moon. this theory is fundamentally incompetent for any one desiring long term stability of a defi project. for several reasons. the first being over trust. the current model reeks of blind faith. not only blind faith to the ones you unreasonably financially worship (cough cough), but blind faith to the fact the money invested will be safe from the competitive market as a whole. As if the world hasn’t taken notice already of what and how blunderland works. Undoubtedly, there are entities out there waiting to take advantage of this ecosystem in it’s current state… dozens of copy cat wonderlands waiting to follow wonderlands treasury and siphon their profits for their own intentions. All is fair in love and war and investing. and cryptocurrency is still the devil’s advocate of finance and banking.

MOVVIIING OONNN, putting a billion dollars in the open market without considering the consequences and promising 80,000% plus apy in return is bad joke at best. There is blind faith in the idea that the treasury has the capability to automatically compound itself thus making rebases an actual consistent asset to the protocol. When revenue sharing became the next step forward I knew immediately it was an exit strategy for this house of cards.

In reality wonderland v.1 is probably the most easily manipulated project that exists in defi right now due to its narrowness in scope. If the treasury fails to bring in a CONSISTENT AND PROGESSIVILLY COMPOUNDED ROI(regardless of whos behind putting it on the line) THE WHOOOLE FOUNDATION CRUMBLES. This is a paper thin tokenenomics ecosystem AND IT DOESNT NEED TO BE. I have 3 or 4 ideas to make this thing work but I am not willing to flesh them out yet because right now(i am stupid)… wonderland has no weight, it was not meant to last. and any failure to continually make ever increasing profits by the treasury results in the community’s bags to take the hit, which will turn gold into ash. that’s why wmemo existed in the first place. it was a quick way out to avoid the imploding rebasing system. If the market were to crash… and it did.

Now with all that said, I love this project. And I am still warming up to the community. I do not know the leadership here, but I have spent a lot of time in chats over the last two week. And what I see is a distracted people. I do not know where leaderships head is at, but it better be focusing on the bigger picture. Better be focusing on moving on and stabilizing, road mapping, and restructuring what is now in limboland. There is still a strong foundation here solely due to the fact that this project has a strong financial backing still (If it lasts long enough) and it can be utilized for creating a better solution to what is a state of stagnation. Forget fud, forget price action. FUD fades when progress is made. price action will move regardless because Wonderland is more or less famous. What is necessary is stable regulated regeneration.

What I mean to say is that I love you guys and girls but the last 6 months of wonderland is over. The fact that the whole sifu thing happened and more or less coincided conveniently with January’s market sell of makes me more of a sceptic than anything else as well. And i was never around the community to even get an idea for the man. But he knew he could not maintain balance. He must have. The market has been paying you all since you jumped into wonderland more than the treasury has. period. anybody can turn a profit in a bullrun. Especially if you have even a smidgen of know how and a sprinkle of financial and economic understanding.

With all that said. Bye, for now.

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