How a guy named Zhao whatever's touch is turns to gold and everything what Danielle Sesta touches turns to shit?

There was no need for any of this. Simply is just a point across the big picture.
Cake , (CRO) and Pancake were classic success recepies because
1.They didn’t made sudden changes
2.They kept the APY
3.Minimum lock up periods
Where’s Cake now from few cents to over 10 dollars huge APY at the beginning that dropped soon the price increased.
Good incentive for early participants to step in.
CRO made the same despite CRO dropped even to 1 cents and smack up to 70 cents roughly.
They implemented smooth changes and they succeed.
Why Wonderland turned to shit ? Not really is still alive as long APY continues and rebases is a Must no way 80%of investors would want in if there’s no numbers incentive.
Whatever you try to replace and improve to attract investors you need numbers numbers speaks before words in business world.
My proposal is for Danielle and all members let’s fucking calm down get down the horses and carry on.Take risks like a man don’t swing like a sexual abused bitch.
There was no need to take the calculator off put it back no Lambo calculator an APY realistic calculator ok
Keep the APY keep the rebaes is working only for stupid mind isn’t and quick buck mentality.
Simply burning mechanisms at unstaking would keep the supply stable . Smart investments in yeld farming as well in institutional hege funds like TROY trade or others.
Get rid of fucking Wmemo is fucking useless anyway from 100k dropped to 18k lmao
Incentive for people who stake let the Apy run the rebase make the calculator again stop minting new coins burn all sold coins and just make it like it was before nothing wrong with.
All this is a whale :whale2: plot saying rebaes are not good and shite like this well isn’t if you want to sell off early.
If you took the APY, rebases and don’t put the calculator back to guarantee the potential earnings you can say Bye Bye Wonderland.

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Good and whatever is done K.I.S. (Keep It Simple)!

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Exactly I mean the audit thing should be made by them prior to any action or project I mean us as community is to decide what’s best to do with our money well what’s fuckin left from it 8.3%from initial investment .
We agreed that will be an Apy 1 year compounding and we agreed that APY might drop and the token price I did agreed to and took the risk thinking that overall performance of Wonderland the growth of the project future listings on more exchanges etc would made this worth it in the end.
But no Danielle had to to change everything every 5 minutes .He created this himself by removing the calculator and introduction Wmemo .Time should be able to be bridged is buit on Avax so …
Minting shouldn’t be allowed in 1place .Now the last bit dilution is bad we remove APY well wasn’t bad for Pancake Swap and Zhao wasn’t bad for Cro and both are in Singapore
So I won’t bridge my Wmemo to vote as is nothing for unfortunately

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