How does Harvesting work - where can you see your rewards?

Hi all,

I’m new to this so trying to get my head around the Harvesting and rewards and how it works.

I staked some wMemo, waited for a few days took note of the amount of wMemo I had staked, and pressed the Harvest button this cost me 0.003647 AVAX.

However I didn’t see any change in my wMemo amount - I did notice that my BSGG farm rewards changed, but these change every time you refresh the page.

Or do I need to Harvest and then Unstake the wMemo, and then restake again to see my rewards / interest?

So my question, where are the rewards for staking and harvesting?

Many thanks in advance.

Most likely you only approved contract interaction with your wallet for harvest, if you have already refresh the page click harvest again this time it will harvest your BSGG reward, it’s a 2 steps process for the first time, after that you can click harvest anytime and won’t have to approve again unless you change a new wallet which requires you to approve again.

Thanks a million Yaksha for your help.

I followed your instructions, at least I think I did.

I logged in via MetaMask, clicked the harvest button, confirmed the transaction on MetaMask, I got messages saying transaction confirmed and that my balance was updated - refreshed the pages, went through the process again, from 2.387403 to 0.002517 refresh the pages and it changed to 0.004466 and then to 0.006334 and then finally 0.025013.

I must be doing something wrong, does anyone know if there is a YouTube video to show non technical people like me what to do, before buy and farming more wMemo.

Thanks again for your help.

Farm page does not give you any more additional wMEMO, that balance does not change unless you buy more and stake that. Once you harvest, BSGG rewards will be sent to your wallet address, you can import the BSGG token to Metamask and will see the harvested rewards. More BSGG will slowly drip to your rewards every few seconds so that’s why that balance changes almost every refresh. We don’t recommend harvesting too often as it will cost gas every time, like you noticed.

BSGG address: 0x63682bDC5f875e9bF69E201550658492C9763F89
(Just click Import tokens under assets in Metamask and paste this address, it will autofill the rest)

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What I used to do is take the bsgg and swap them on kyber for more wmemo

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Thanks a million smilbur, this worked perfectly and know I understand.

Thanks again for your help.

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