How to get staked MEMO from early 2022 unstaked?

How do you get your staked time aka memos from early 2022 and unstake them?

Wrap it to wMEMO and sell wMEMO on Kyberswap.

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How do you wrap it to wmemo?

I added the GIF to explain in my answer.

How do I get the dashboard displayed in the gif?

My bad…

off-topic: how much will 40 memo be worth that’s been staked for 400 days.

40 MEMO is worth just short of 500$ right now.

Tried wrapping to wmemo but I am getting an error from safemath with code -32603. Any idea what that is?

Try removing a few decimals from the MEMO balance if there’s many numbers. Also make sure you have enough AVAX (>0.1).

Thank you for the responses. I had about 0.5 AVAX and I tried wrapping different amounts (between 5 and 100) but it did not work.
After spending some time on it, I was able to resolve it today. The only this that worked was creating another account on Metamask, sending the MEMO to that account, and connecting to Wonderland again and doing the wrapping.
Not sure what was the issue, but happy to get it done.