How to migrate MEMO or wMEMO in MetaMask to a Trezor Acct in Metamask

I saw this youtube video : Secure Your Wonderland TIME | Prevent Hacks, Store MEMO and wMEMO on a Ledger Using MetaMask 🐸 - YouTube
At the 3:00 minute mark in the video , you will see the selection of which Hardware Wallet you want to create in your Metamask , choose Trezor ( not Ledger ) . This will create an additional account in your Metamask , named " Trezor 1 " . Once you create this you can send your MEMO and wMEMO from your Metamask wallet to your Metamask Trezor 1 wallet . This way only you can move your assets via using your Trezor Device . Just make sure to also send some AVAX 0.05 = $ 6 , to your " Trezor 1 " wallet for gas fees , for when you decide to move assets out this newly created wallet ,

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