How to satisfy the majority, increase earrnings for holders and attract new investors? Let's take Wmemo to $1mil

What if there was a way to reward the current Wmemo holders? What if there was a way to do this and attract new investors which would drive up the price of Wmemo and restore faith in the project?

Seeing as the current Wmemo price is below the backing value. What if instead of carrying out buy backs, the daily revenue profits generated from the protocol were shared amongst the current Wmemo holders? This would mean that the holders would gain a greater share of the profits than if the value of Wmemo was at or above the treasury backing price.

What would this do?

This would generate returns for the Wmemo holders and would attract further investment, encouraging others to get a share of the profits generated. Though this would reduce the share of the profits of the current holders, it would increase the value of the Wmemo token.

This sounds like a win win scenario.

With a new treasury team on board utilising the treasury at its best, with market conditions recovering and assett price increasing, everyone involved would be at a win with an increasing token value.

Let me know your thoughts?

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the big time hodlers all sold because the news that a criminal was the treasury manager… If you think this project will go anywhere you are mistaking. Dani is playing the victim here while he was most probably planning to scam all of us with sifu on his fishing trip. If you think your $500 investment will get anywhere think twice.


It would be excellent if the could start Rev share as promised.

nothing is dead money are still there

Now that I think about it, a fishing boat is a great way to plan scams in the modern era. Everyone leaves their phones on the shore, there is absolutely no way they can be overheard or recorded.

reputation, argubly more important than money, is dead dead deady deadingtons

My thoughts give back to people what the treasuries win have a cost.
Let the treasuries growth compounds the interest is the best strategy !

What can be done for now ?

Give a clear vision on where the project will go !

If you want reward I am not against but we need to thing how we reward and who.
Who : People that are in the project for the long run not for quick profit

For me we need to reward long time holder meaning we can make something where people can stake there wMemo for a fixed period !
Put in place a penality papper hand if they remove before. The penality go back to holder.
More longer they agree to stake more reward they get.

right now rev share is not the priority.

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