How to Sell wMEMO locked in the farming contract

Hi Support. I want to sell my wMEMO at a loss so I can write it off on my taxes. I will jump back in after 30 days to continue farming. I haven’t figured out how to do that. I see my wMEMO in my dashboard but can I get it out of that farming contract?


Go to Wonderland
Make sure you are on AVAX network
Click “Unstake” tab then click max (Or the amount you would like to withdraw)
Click Unstake wMEMO
Once the tx has been confirmed head to KyberSwap - Swap and earn tokens at the best rates
Choose wMEMO/USDC.e or whichever pair you like to swap your wMEMO for
Click “Swap” (If it’s your first time on Kyber it will ask you to approve to spend your wMEMO so you will to approve then swap) to make the transaction
Once that is done the token you swapped wMEMO for will be in your wallet :slight_smile:


Got it. Thanks, Vayu.