Hyperbonding for TIME ( auto claim feature)

Sup anons.
Been reading up on ICY money. ( I don’t have a bag ) BUT the concept is very interesting.
How can this be beneficial for the frogs?
Instead of manually pressing the “Claim and Autostake" a few minutes before each rebase (3x a day) The project can do it for you. Worry free and bonding will be generate more $$ for the treasury.

Here are the numbers & thread on what hyper bonding is :point_down:

I genuinely don’t know the down fall for this strategy. Maybe less stakers? But higher apy? More bonders? Please let me know your thoughts!


Obviously DYOR, but I’m cautious about anything coming in telling to give them my assets and they’ll give me 6x more than the original protocol itself.

Sounds just like those other billion % forks that rugged.

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yeah not really talking about the project just the mechanics that time could use.

Ah my bad, then yeah, I think an auto claim feature would be nice.

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Hector DAO has something like this, it opens up minting to a lot more people tbh

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Very cool idea!

this will make bonding/minting a lot easier and more profitable for small investors!

looking forward to this update


I agree , very cool idea . And should be easy to implement right on the main page of app.Wonderland.Money . I am sure the devs have seen and are thinking about this idea !

Go Frogs :sunny:

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