I have lose all my staking time tokens

Hello I’ve lost all of my time tokens what happened
I staked them but now after a few days I went to the website and the site is changed and all my tokens are gone
Can someone help me please?

They are not gone, just been moved to “wrap” button on top of the site, rebase has stopped so if you haven’t wrap your memo to wMEMO please do so you can farm revenue sharing :slight_smile:

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my staking is also gone.
Wrap shows nothing.
What can we do ?

Have you check the farm to see if it was there ?

If so, can you share your wallet address so we can look into it ?

First thing you should check is the MEMO to wMEMO tab under wrap button.
(Not TIME to MEMO which is the default when you click wrap)

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The only thing I see under the wrap is TIME to MEMO nothing else.

It was send to my metamask so I went to wonderland to stack.
Everything seems good only I dont see anything in my stacking now.
What happens if there was not enough for gas? and how fix it?


If you look at the image above, in the top right you can click on “MEMO to wMEMO”. That should do it.

I have lost my time tokens as well. Please help

Your wallet is on Ethereum. Make sure to switch to AVAX.