I lost my VOLTA tokens

Hi, I was checking my account on debank and I have seen that my VOLTA account is equal to zero, how is this possible?
My address is: 0xC11438F9885E11cc2051C15a09012a08931384A6

I can see this transaction:

Transaction Details - Snowtrace

Hey there,

Looks like a contract was approved 19hrs ago. Most likely a bad contract that took your Volta as it was sent out right after.

Any idea what that might be ? I recommend looking at your browser history to see if there is a shipping website that you may have thought was legit.

If you revoke the approval, your wallet should be fine to use afterwards.


Thanks for the reply, scam dapp I suppose. I wasn’t careful, my bad ):

Expensive lesson :frowning: Don’t forget to use something like https://revoke.cash/ to revoke the contract.

Thanks, done that. Now it is useless, nothing to be taken, everything gone. Expensive lesson indeed

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