I made a poll so we can see how the vote goes

I made a poll it is pretty basic , but should do the trick . If U have any suggestions please let me now .let’s keep the shuttle going :waxing_crescent_moon:

Ser you can make pools directly on this forum.

Dont know if your website is legit, but Id rather not click the link to find out :man_shrugging:

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Man I feel kinda offended . . . . . It may not took the longest time to make it but honestly if we don’t trust each other moving forward it isn’t gonna work that well. Honestly I just didn’t know how to make a poll over here . You don’t need to use the link . You can make your own over here but please take my questions in consideration. 1 the professor Option 2 Bastion finance 3.frog nation government 4. Rage quit.5. shut down the project . Those where my 5 votes

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