I propose a new channel in the discord called SifuCentral

So many times I log on discord and I see that people are asking questions that have been answered time and time again by sifu.

Many newbies have no idea that you can search by message and as much as I’d like people to learn for themselves and take initiative…often times…they won’t. And if someone can’t answer their question in time, they will often times spread fud.

I propose we make a new channel, front and center on the discord called “SifuCentral”. Where all his messages from the public channels are streamlined. And all frogs in the newbie stage are forced to react this channel every day before they can enter the other channels. Until they arent newbies anymore.

This would educate the newbies and get them accustomed to checking sifus messages everyday to stay fully updated!

SifuCentral! :fist:


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