I propose a rebrand given the Wonderland name is tarnished

There needs to be a new name and brand identity moving forward that aligns with the inception of a new leadership team.

The new leadership team should put new names on the table and there should be a vote.

Reputation is everything in business and Wonderland is done.

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Its the blockchain everyone will know its still wonderland. Rebranding didnt help Wsifu.

Besides wonderland did nothing wrong an individual with a checkered past was employed. Its all good, give everyone a few months, i bet they all want back in if we start revenue sharing, where else they gonna go, have you seen the rebase market today… ugh. Bitcoin…ugh. eth…ugh. we start revenue share and bring real intrinsic value they will flood back in like they did when the project first started.


So you’re saying we make Wonderland undergo surgery a bit like Sifu aka Omar Dhanani.

No. just - heck no.

Stocks, Hedge funds, Athletes: literally all have had major setbacks. Renaming one’s self is less a sign of ‘New me’ but more a sign of ‘That other thing didn’t learn ‘nothin’ but I’m not it!’
I’m still me but me2.0 is such a transparent ploy. I would have less faith in this project if superficially renamed in order to ‘hide’ uncomfortable facts from our investors.

zero out or rebuild… we are in the Wonderland

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We can achieve this with my proposal: A relaunch project that pays daily yields in BTC! Let me show you how - Please read!

I wish you well in your new DAO. (bad comparison follows:)

As Alice, we have shrunk considerably. Alice does not know her future but we do. The foundation is strong but individual investors consumed the wrong dish labelled “leverage”.

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