I Staked TIME to get MEMO then Wrapped MEMO to get WMEMO, but now there's no WMEMO in my metamask, whether in browser or in mobile apps. Can anybody help?

This is my last 2 transactions

I think this is when I wrapped MEMO to WMEMO

but I don’t know what’s this

Can anybody explain or help me? Thankyou


Looks like someone transferred your wMEMO from one wallet to another.

Your wallet is most likely compromised if you are not the one that did this transaction.

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This is probably what happened. I’m sorry for your loss.

I am having a similar problem with finding my wMEMO.
I followed the same process as above. The latest step was wrapping my memo to wMEMO.

However, snowtrace shows a ‘stake’ type transaction in which the wMEMO was ‘staked’ to another wallet address.

In my zapper account, it shows what I believe to be the correct amount of wMEMO. However, I do not see any wMEMO in my metamask.

This is most likely because you have staked it in the farm.

Onced staked in the farm, it is technically not in your wallet anymore.

Thanks for the reply. How do I retrieve my wMEMO if it is staked in the farm?

When I try to unstake (or harvest) via the app, I receive the error message “insufficient balance to make a transaction”

error message details:
“code”: -32603,
“message”: “Internal JSON-RPC error.”,
“data”: {
“code”: -32000,
“message”: “gas required exceeds allowance (6125)”

You may need more AVAX. Do you have at least 0.1 ?