If you want a "Rage-Quit" option LISTEN UP!

OK guys, We have been going back-and-forth on this proposal and that proposal in that proposal about the politics of wonderland and that is a great. However, we are missing something very important. We all got in this project to make money and yet we have turned into pirates fighting over a treasure chest… Now, I understand there is a lot of mixed feelings about what we should do in regards to letting people exit or continuing the Treasury to make profit with what we have. I believe that there is another option and that is simply to continue making more money with the treasury to generate yields high enough to allow those who want to Rage-Quit with the BSGG snapshot on Jan. 10th to do so. Now, I made a proposal 3 days ago in regards to re allocating funds from the Treasury back into Avax. https://dao.wonderland.money/t/buy-20million-in-avax/

If we had done this with $20 million dollars when I had said so then by now we would have increased our yield by 17.09%. That would be a return of $3,418,000 in 3 days.

If we pay attention and continue the mutual goal of generating money for everyone, then over the next few days I believe we will be presented an opportunity to generate enough wealth to include a rage quit option for anybody who wants to.
Please review my proposal,
Thank you!


The true win-win rage quit option should be based on the initial purchased dated price, not a fixed buyback price, therefore the whales won’t be able to raid our treasury.

Most of the long holders who wish to exit are small investors, the total of their initial investment would be a small fraction compared to the total payout to whales with fixed buyback.

So, would you rather let whales raid our treasury with buyback or let them exit according to purchased price? No more no less!

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Money back would be a sensible way forward to curtail aggression and possible legal issues against the team from those who have lost a lot of money and wish to leave.

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