IGO platform that uses TIME as the staking token

Hi Everyone,

I understand Dani has discussed the idea of an rpg game in the past, and mentioned in the AMA’s that the costs might be quiet substantial.

However, has it been considered to develop/or buy and IGO platform that utilizes time staking as the primary coin to get access to gaming deals.

The gaming industry has been on fire these past few months and will likely continue in to 2022. Gaming community is already familiar with staking tokens to get access IGO deals.

Marrying an IGO platform with the TIME token gives the TIME token an additional utility that would be welcomed by the community at no additional risk.

It would also capitalize on this wave of gaming and attract more buyers to the Wonderland platform increasing TLV. And would cost substantially lower then a game.

One additional benefit is, the frog nation is strong, and getting games to list on the igo platform would be a no brainer for game developers as the community is vast.

I welcome all suggestions and comments.

Thank you


Wonderful idea thank you for bringing it up . :slight_smile:

Hope some form of this gets traction. Makes total sense.

Just for my understanding. Is this idea similar to this one:

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