I'm a crypto copywriter -- I can add value here

Hey there, I’m a copywriter on Upwork, over 60k lifetime earnings.

I write video scripts for Max Maher(800k+ subs on Youtube and Cold Fusion. I’m also an active fed watcher.

I find this project extremely interesting, and would love to add value on the copywriting side to make TIME wonderland more easily understood and accessible to newbies.

This project has great fundamental and I am a true believer of DeFi and Avax. I also manage the marketing for Tedx2022 featured artist Sutu(https://www.sutueatsflies.com/).

I would like to be part of the team, or at least have the opportunity to add value in the form of writing medium articles.


Specifically, documentation is not beginner-friendly. I think the project could be explained using something like an infographic and analogies to help increase adoptance.

This project would appeal to a wider audience, not just those within the AVAX sphere. I can help to increase our sphere of influence by both

A) Bringing collaborations from people within my network(Like sutu and Max Maher)

and B) Improving the web copy itself.

And to really look at the user experience, the barriers to adoption, and to make sure we have representation in different channels.

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That would be a very welcome addition if it means I can stop explaining Wonderland to new people. If I have to explain wrapping your MEMO one more time I am going to scream :joy: :joy: :joy:

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