Implementation of analytics of treasury & supply of TIME

Giving access to the data to the community will help us better understand how the treasury is being managed and planning for the future in regards with dilution.

I trust that you have already given all this much thought and have various ideas & plans for the future of the economics of Wonderland, but giving the community access to all the data could potentially spark new ideas and insights that will help the overall health and longevity of Wonderland.

Olympus has already implemented a decent analytics panel and I imagine something similar could be implemented with relative ease.


I think this was confirmed during the latest AMA, if I am not mistaken…

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i certainly think this would be useful. I saw on youtube the other day that someone had been able to find the treasury wallets and was able to see which tokens where being held and which liquidity pools the treasury was using. Clearly sifu is doing an excellent job managing the treasury but it would be helpful for everyone to see how the treasury funds are being used.

Already being worked on. The system that OHM uses (Dune) is not available on AVAX. The team is building the charts from scratch, so it takes a bit more time. SoonTM

Exactly transparency would only increase community engagement and could potentially benefit us all if something is overlooked.