[IMPORTANT] Read this before voting (winding-down/continue)

Hi everyone!

Disclaimer: This article will probably upset a lot of readers - but it is absolutely crucial to say it!

First of all thank you for taking the time to read this. These are difficult times for all of us - for some even unbearable I imagine.

Full disclosure I myself bought into Wonderland at a price of 9k per TIME and bought more on the way down and at the time of writing this have 2.5 TIME. Now you may say “If I only had 2.5 TIME I wouldn’t be upset about this whole situation! Thats peanuts!”

And thats exactly the reason why I want to write this article. I invested money I was willing to put at risk - not all my money, not money I didn’t have, not someone else’s money. It was a part of my money that I saw fit to invest, that wouldn’t bother me if it went to 0.

Now when I scroll through the Discord and even here on the Forum I get the impression that 90% of people went balls deep not only with their own lifesavings but the lifesavings of 3 other families as well.

And not only did you break Investment rule #01 - never invest money you depend on - most of you also broke Investment rule #02 - never invest money you don’t have - and apparently some of you are breaking rule #03 - a loss is only a loss if it is realised - by selling at the very bottom now.

There are no guarantees in life - this is a very important lesson to learn and I learned it the hard way as well. I am not looking down on you who feel broken right now, quite the opposite. I feel for every single one of you because I know how it feels to lose. But in all fairness it is not anyones fault but yours. You took the risk when you decided to buy TIME, you took the risk when you decided to leverage.

You are in no way entitled to be reimbursed, bailed out or any other thing people are screaming for. Especially not by those who are sitting in the same boat! If Dani wants to reward this childish behaviour with his own funds, by all means, go ahead.

Again I am not writing this to kick the people who are already down, but to make them realise, that blaming others will get them nowhere - and IMO neither will selling, or dissolving. Please learn from this and improve your risk management and consider very carefully what the next step should be.

I truly believe, that with a change in management and a professional way of handling things like marketing, communication and also audits - we can restore our former glory and go even further. The frog community is a symbol for change - and now it is time to change ourselves and our structure.

I will vote to continue with Wonderland, you may say “you have nothing to lose, easy for you to say” but then again my reply would be “exactly!”

If you find yourself in a difficult spot now just know that it will pass. You survived everything up to this point, you will survive this as well and you will come out stronger and wiser. It may not seem like it at the moment. But stay strong. Don’t give up. And most importantly - don’t let hate and rage fill your hearts. WAGMI


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