Increase social media presence and launch a podcast (frogcast)

I’ll run the TIME Twitter and Instagram to increase exposure if Wonderland wants to add me to the team. Those accounts are under utilized. I am a TIME HODLer and would love to be part of the team. A podcast would be a good idea too, besides just doing AMAs. I have a recording setup. “What TIME is it?” or “Adventures in Wonderland”.


Ok, but why should we trust you ? Why should you run these accounts and not someone else ?

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Because I am a believer, a frog and would love to promote Wonderland.

Podcasts are not really right for this, you need more of a spokesperson and an instagram needs a ton of content with professional planners and content production. It’s not as east as it looks if you want to do it professionally, and sometimes leveraging others presence to get exposure is more effective and cost effective.


So no valid reason. Don’t get me wrong, I agree we should be more active, but if you want a 2b organization to give you control of their social media platform, you’ll need more than “cause I’m a frog and would love to promote”.
Why can’t you do this from your own account or a fan account ? You don’t need access to the official accounts for this.

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Well thought out answer. I have been a social media analyst for the past 4-5 years. My background is also in media and communications. I love utilizing my creativity and working with others in that capacity.

I’m not looking to take over anything, rather work in a collaboration with others in the organization and community. I noticed that Wonderland Twitter and Instagram presence is rather lackluster at the moment, that is why I said something and offered my service.

As far as a podcast, it really helps to get a deeper understanding of a subject, organization and all of the branched. Terra is doing a decent job with their Terra Bites podcast, highlighting many of their projects/protocols. Wonderland, Abracadabra, Popsicle Finance and the possible takeover of Sushi Swap are just the beginning it looks like of what Daniele Sesta and his team are building.

I believe it would be a good idea to interview many that are involved. Not just within these projects and protocols, but within the Avalanche ecosystem and beyond. Who are you? What do you do? What do you bring to the table? How does this piece matter to the puzzle? What is your vision for the future? So, on and so forth? I’m a very inquisitive person and there are a lot of bright minds in the blockchain space who I believe need more exposure.

The long form format of podcasts really lets people work out those ideas through conversation. Giving people a better overall understanding. Every time I hear and interview with the founder of Avalanche, I get really excited, this is a man on a mission. He is just one of many. Many of these bright minds need to be highlighted. I am merely offering to help in any capacity. This is a forum after all, this is a DAO, we are a community and I would love to highlight some of the leaders in the space and community.


I gave a better thought out reason to clarify my intentions in my response to Dulyman.

Definitly makes the whole idea more “attractive”. Thanks for providing a more flesh out idea.

I also think a podcast could be a positive if the right people are doing it. Doesnt always have to be with the team. Like you said it can be related to whatever might impact the Frog Nation.

We also need a better way to identify/recruit people that want to help with something. More community involvement will result in a strong sense of community.

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I love doing presearch/research on topics and people. Going in firing questions with no game plan results in bad podcasting. As far as identifying and recruiting people, a questionnaire is a great way to filter out people that match what you’re looking for.

I am actively looking for a job in crypto and what has set out who is trying to pinpoint candidates has been questionnaires. A company that screened me out after applying had me fill one out yesterday and it was a 2 hour process. Between researching the company and writing out well thought out answers to show my knowledge and passion on various aspects of the organization.

I really like this approach, not only from a company stand point, but from a candidate one too. Makes me really think out my answers, not just copy and paste from their docs or write from the top of my head. I love analyzing and ends up with better overall answers.

I don’t know if you work for the team, but if you/they are serious about recruiting, this site is a great way to recruit:

I am serious about working for Wonderland and any of their branches in any capacity. If it is simple as running a social media page, either in a team capacity, as a writer, poster or under the direction of a team leader. Collaboration is key.

I love the back and forth of a podcast and am not one to wing it. I’d love to work with a team too. I’m used to doing everything on my own and it can get tedious. Between research, writing, recording, editing, show notes, post production, etc.

I’d like to have a role, preferably on the creative side as a researcher, writer and/or host. I’m too ambitious just sitting on the sidelines and I’m ready to grab the torch and help lead the way. Just being an investor is not enough, especially because my background in writing, researching and content creation.

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Yeah, look, not to get into a slinging contest, so don’t take these comments AS intended for that. I’ve been in social media and branding for 15 years now and not with small brands.

I have zero issue with the idea of podcasts but we’ll be speaking to our own audience, which does little for growth.

What is needed is outreach, going on others podcasts and shows. Yes, producing some of our own content, etc, but just putting in effort to talk to those who already know and follow the brand isn’t likely to yield huge results.

Yes, a presence helps, but there’s going to be a lot of work for little gain.

So I think content production and what is essentially PR is what you’re talking about.

A full-time instagram and podcase is a LOT of work in concept and production if you’re wanting to do it right.

I’d love a FrogCast to be fair. A place where some infl people in the community can debate DAO proposals and investment opportunities. Kinda sits with the whole “frogs VC together”, something like @stoolpresidente but with more activist and innovative flair.