Increase Treasury Transperancy

Several conversations on the Wonderland Discord have sparked concerns around transperancy for the Wonderland Treasury. The documents on the site do not include all contract addresses for the treasury, do not define what the “Wonderland DAO” address is or is for, and the Sifu.eth personal wallet is used for trading and sending of treasury funds, totally outside of any control from the multisig wallet.

  • Please update the Wonderland docs to be clearer on ALL contract addresses for the Treasury
  • Define what the “Wonderland DAO” address is and the purpose of it clearly somewhere
  • Be more transparent when funds move around (like millions of CVX moving from Sifu.eth to the treasury contract address on ETH) - perhaps a channel can be added for these types of actions on the part of the treasury?

I provide more details on the above in Twitter thread belwo:


I agree with transparency. Where and why time is being unstaked and the amounts and more transparency in the treasury. Im not a fan of its use without explanation. Just , Hey we bought this, your welcome. I want to know why it was purchased or used.


This is the most important proposal right now.

Also add the charts in the dashboard as we have in Ohm and other forks.


Wholeheartedly agree.

In addition, bring transparency to the leveraged wallets on Abra, similar to other lending platforms (see OrcaDAO for instance).

At this point, with the liquidation cascades that have all but torpedoed the price, and which continue to be a massive risk if we trend down to ~2k, we (the holders of Time) should be able to see the various wallets that hold leverage from Abra cauldrons and their relative health, so we can better anticipate the risks of a liquidation cascade.


100% agreed. This is very important. I trust sifu and Daniele to be able to manage the funds, but we should be able to at least be able to look at the wallets


I vote “YES”, cleaning up the docs is required at this moment. As well as, being able to do a quick PR release explaining the new allocation/position, and it’s expected return. If the expected return is not juicy, explain further as to why it was the right decision to purchase.

Sifu mentioned is already work in progress:

Olympus is using Dune which does not exist on Avalanche, so this is taking a bit more time to build this from scratch


1,000% agree. I can’t see a reason to keep any of that information private, or to use a private wallet address for any DAO application.

Agree, this would benefit everyone and bring new people

I’m on board with this

balance minus the time(in wallet not in LPs)
its like one fourth little bits half, MIM one third Time (which creates a feedback loop basically making the treasury MIM 1.5x its actual worth). mostly its LPs. full break down is in the link above

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Yeah transparency can only benefits the community, since more people will engage in the project and potentially increase profits & performance of the treasury.

@Andemand the treasury breakdown is in the link i added. the zapper one.
its at 1.08 billion (minus the 400mil in time rebase rewards) : 196 in the wallet (606-410) plus 464 mil in LPs and the rest (1/4 of the treasury) in other currencies.

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Agree 100% with this. If Sifu.ETH is being used outside the multi-sig, Wonderland is blurring the lines. This must be addressed.


I fully agree with this.
I tried to match treasure balance shown on the wonderland dashboard with these 4 wallets on zapper and I couldnt , despite I dont count the time that is in the wallet,.
So I would love to see all the data supporting the treasury figure with details of the investment on wallets, vaults,LP,…


Agree 100% on better/more transparency.

Agree 100% . Full transparency is needed .

Also it would be nice to see the supply of TIME in the Home Page.

Question : is it true that for every TIME that is Minted , they also issue 2 additional TIME ( 1 going into the treasury and 1 going to pay the stakers ) . If that is correct , then for every TIME that has been “purchased” , 3 TIMEs are created . That sounds inflationary … How can we mitigate such risk ? !

Is there or will there ever be a mechanism for “burning” TIME tokens ؟

But it does not say that the info is for TIME on that link that you posted above !

Very good idea!

I think we need this type of transparency also in our treasury management.

Like a page in the wonderland app where you see a list of all assets and farms used by our treasury, without having to look into the blockchain explorer.