Internal credit (Croak) score to slant apy towards mintin/staking 🐸

Frogs that croak together live longer.
The idea centers around penalizing apy for selling after unstaking then redistributing the equivalent in rewards proportionwise across the longer term holders.
(Shouldn’t there be a way to smart contract an unstake to mint corridor?)

(Maybe) We cut the apy in half to a more stable 40k, giving the treasury time to grow and frogs to rank. ( I don’t know about you guys but I’ll never complain about that kind of apy anyway)

Start with a credit score of 3.5 billion/7 (since we wanna gage every frog in the world)
If we can afford it we give a little credit score boost to those who mint (if my understanding is right that this is what helps treasury the most.)

(Maybe) penalizing score if blockchain shows low health leveraged staking

Ps: Can you guys get a hold of the Overwatch dev team? Heck I know a guy who payed 150$ for an account with a widowmaker skin that isn’t even purchasable anymore 4 years ago. You mix that with the forza livery system. So much potential, cool skins, undiscovered potential. Why pay to make a game when you can be the 1st to actually integrate an AAA eh?

Hope any of this makes some type of sense

This goes against defi in so many ways…but let’s start penalizing someone for taking profit or locking losses is pretty terrible and would likely stall overall growth. Founders have already stated that "rebase hopping " is a non issue as for the whales buying and jumping out their action doesn’t generally cause the price action it’s the ones who freak over a 3% move and bail that really pushes price and the ones that are severely over leveraged and get liquidated that we see the major downside pushes. I believe we now have a bot in place on Abra eating the liquidated time to avoid cascades in the future so let’s focus on real plans instead of chasing boogiemen wagmi just relax and chive on