Introduce a Reducing Sales Tax to deter bad actors from exploiting Wonderland

Here is a simple poll to see if we can garner enough traction to implement a sales tax.

Details can be discussed and I can edit the poll accordingly until we find a proposal that most people agree with. The sales tax will go directly to the treasury.

Let’s stop these whales and bad actors from ruining this for all of us once and for all because you know what whales hate the most? TAXES. So let’s use that against them and all proceeds go to the treasury.

  • Introduce a sales tax that reduces from 30% (Day 1) down to 1% (Day 30) from the time wMEMO is purchased
  • Do nothing

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This is what titano is doing. I think it would be helpful minimizing whale dumps… but it should be probably less than 30%, more like 15% and decay into a permanent 1% sales tax. The revenues from the sales tax can be transferred to Treasury.

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