Introduce Inverse Bonding

Inverse Bonding - Wonderland can have a mechanism to redeem TIME when it is at discount at the treasury value - thus allowing the community to get such value without having to liquidate the treasury and wind up.

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Inverse Bonding

We can introduce Inverse Bonding to help with price pressure - without having to liquidate the treasury - inidividuals can choose to do so themselves.

Inverse Bonding is a mechanism which is the exact opposite of Bonding - allowing for a reduction of TIME tokens where users can get back other assets (say DAI, MIM for example) for the tokens at the treasury level (more or less).

See Link:

This same path can be followed - and alleviate the first level of price pressure thats being experienced.

Same result (people can get a “liquidated treasury” level to get out) but the project can still continue.

hard to understand at list for myself

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